Nursery de Groot consists of 4 locations in Noord-Brabant where we grow our plants. Visit us at the following locations.

At this location in Langeweg the company started in 1963 as a tomato and cucumber nursery. On the 42,000 m2 surface, Ficus, Dieffenbachia and Alocasia are grown on roll containers and concrete floors, in pot sizes 7, 12, 14 and 17.

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In 2004, in addition to the 13A location, 36,000 m2 of nursery with roll containers were started. Mainly in pot size 12 cm, different types of green plants and bedding plants are grown here.

Corné and Arthur Houtepen, also known as Gebroeders HOUTEPEN, started their business in 1990. Almost immediately the production of Spathiphyllum started. Since 1993, Spathiphyllum has been grown exclusively, which means that they can rightly claim to be specialised in Spathiphyllum. The 36,000 m² nursery is efficiently automated with a WPS system.

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The location in Oosteind started in 2017. Ficus and Peperomia are grown in 12 cm on the 20,000 m² nursery.

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