Green indoors

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Our range of green houseplants

We offer a wide range of different types of green houseplants. Our plants look beautiful, last a long time and are grown sustainably. In our range you will find:

  • Dieffenbachia. This beautiful, unique plant is characterised by the special drawing on the leaf. The combination of green, soft yellow and white creates a unique look. You can only find this plant in pots or in various arrangements.
  • Ficus. This plant is very well known and can be found in many Dutch households. This is due to its unique, stylish appearance and because this plant requires little maintenance. Nursery De Groot has the plant breeder’s rights to the Ficus Benjamina Kinky and is therefore the only grower in the Netherlands where you can buy this unique plant. The Ficus is also used in the Fairy Tale Tree, one of our experience plants .
  • Alocasia. This plant has a tropical look and is a real eyecatcher. This plant is also known as the “elephant ear”, of course due to the large leaves that make you think of it.
  • Ferns. In our range we also have many different types of Ferns. These are fun in pots, but also beautiful in arrangement with other plants.
  • Coffee plant. This plant, official to Coffea Arabica, has beautiful shiny leaves and can even bloom in the living room when properly looked after. These beautiful plants are also part of our experience plants. You will find them in a beautiful arrangement that is entirely in coffee style.


View the possibilities online

Are you curious about our complete range of green indoor plants? You can view them online here. We are known for the added value of our plants and therefore take care of various arrangements and beautiful ceramics are supplied with our plants. If you have any questions, you can always contact us by calling +31 (0)168 32 35 48.