One of our priorities is to produce our plants more and more sustainably. Back in the 90s, we already started using cogeneration (CHPs). This makes the gas we use for the heating of the greenhouses more efficient. Electricity is generated when the gas is burned. This releases heat and CO2 which is used again for growing the plants. We are currently thinking about the next step. Solar panels have been installed for this purpose and we are looking into new techniques to make the nursery even more sustainable. The use of crop protection products has also decreased considerably over the years and we continue to innovate to keep this as low as possible.


All in all, we continuously take steps to be more and more sustainable. That is how we can keep on providing consumers with our beautiful products. This is at the heart of our existence! We try to achieve this by giving attention to sustainability in various ways.

  • Water: The water used for the plants comes from different sources. The water that is not absorbed by the plants is reused. Among other things, we use rainwater which we collect through the glass of the greenhouses in water basins. If there is a shortage of rainwater, we use the water pump to pump up groundwater. If this is still not enough, we use ditch water.
  • Plant protection products: At our location in Prinsenbeek, 95% of biological control is carried out against pests, diseases and weeds. We also make less and less use of chemical control at our other locations.
  • Our plants are grown in a mix of peat with coconut fibers
  • 99% of our waste is recycled and we separate, among other things, paper and cardboard, plastic, green waste, glass, pots and trays.
  • We use the MPS ABC registration system which provides us insight into how we score in the field of energy, fertilisers and plant protection products. In our nursery the qualification of MPS-A is the norm. For transport to and from the auctions we use trucks with EURO 6 engine. Since 2016, our roofs and barns have also been fitted with solar panels.