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Nursery De Groot once started growing only Dieffenbachia, Ficus and Alocasia, nowadays our range is a lot more extensive. We are flexible and take care of everything from tray to trailer. The customer’s needs are key to us. Whether you need a crate or a full truck of plants, you can contact us.

In our range you will find:

  • Blooming indoors. An extensive selection including the Exacum, Spathiphyllum and Peperomia Lilian.
  • Flowering outdoors. Beautiful outdoor flowering plants for gardens or terraces such as the Dahlia, Begonia and Daisy.
  • Green indoors. Our largest selection of various green exotic houseplants such as the Dieffenbachia, Ficus and Alocasia. In addition, our range also includes exclusive varieties that only we grow.
  • Experience plants. Plants providing additional experience such as our coffee and tea plants or obviously the Fairy Tale Tree.

A selection from our range

Blooming, green, inside or outside. An appropriate plant for everyone

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